Academic Integrity League

The Project Office of the Academic Integrity League
фото Маханбаева Нургуль НурлановнаNoorgul Makhanbayeva

Project office Head, Academic Integrity League, MBA, CUPA-HR member, HRCP, 


Higher education administrator with over 14 years of experience in strategic planning, human resources management, corporate culture building, organizing corporate events, designing and developing professional development programs for academic staff, leadership programs for senior management, etc. Extensive experience at all organizational levels, managing personnel assessment processes, department budgeting, recruitment, immigration matters, conducting analytical surveys and trend forecasting, developing and implementing new HR projects (staff adaptation and training program), etc.



фото Нигмат БотакозBotakoz Nigmat

Expert Analyst at the Project Office of the Academic Integrity League, 


An expert with 16 years of experience in education across various domains, including 5 years in public service and 5 years in international cooperation. Possesses extensive experience in organizing official and protocol meetings at both local and international levels, collaborating with local and foreign universities, engaging with staff, administrative personnel, and students, and coordinating corporate events, among other responsibilities. Additionally, has expertise in developing university strategies and educational methodologies and specializes in the resolution of international conflicts.




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